NIOS DLED Assignment 506 (Full Answer In English)

NIOS DLED Assignment 506 Full Answer In English. Here are all the answer of dled assignment course-506. I hope this can help you through your assignment.


Q1. Write reasons, why it is important to know the relative role of heredity and environment for a teacher?

Ans- The knowledge of relative intelligence of supernaturality and optimism is very important. So that teacher could help her students better understand the learning process. Knowledge of both will help either learner to identify individual differences between their students in cognitive or non-teaching, as well as in accordance with the methods of learning methods and technologies, process and communication (Brahma technique). A teacher should plan to provide better education and provide adequate facilities. Providing computer experts and adequate library facilities in every subject, the child should study his environment along with his qualifications, and he should make plans for development. In this context, Sorenson has rightly said that the devotee has a great purpose for knowledge, the degree of secularism of leaders of inertia, and the development of human development and their last relationship. The supervisor reviews the availability of high school available in the school. School should focus on providing concurrent programs for children such as gender and literacy activities such as district and literary representatives. If their certificates and options are known, they should have a better supervisory, professional, personal day-to-day and practice and personal development program. The whole generation is very difficult for the children of the uniform (such as a representative, general, average, disabled children, and children in a predetermined manner), in the face of the first generation of learners, the coach and the incompatibility environment for knowledge.

1. Great background: The importance of full knowledge, intelligence, family page rich and mandatory one is important. Some of the other areas of the field do not return to work. Therefore, the instructor should provide a cognitive decision for the students and share them with them. The trainer should be motivated to coordinate with the desired option.

2. There are some people who are very worried about the norms of the group of workers. Therefore, class creators should know their abilities, capabilities, priorities and other characteristics of their subjects, and in light of this knowledge, they should give a personalized account for the maximum benefit of their consumption.

3. Different monks have to adopt the methods in the room chamber. It should be done for the development of the person of the school to help different persons in their efforts and teach them according to the principles of understanding.

4. The program should be organized by Team, Group, Attentiveness, Training in the background and the leadership of the learner’s environment. Every school has a day-to-day and camping center.

NIOS DLED Assignment 506

Q2. Do you feel gender discrimination exists in our society? Justify your answer with suitable examples.

Ans- Parents of children in the women’s secular society, their parents, children, and social workers are provided with their gifts. Parents regard the child as their father. The girls have their parents and their children. Under the circumstances, the parents of the parents who have decided to settle down have prepared or prepared their person for the best social status. From childhood to girlhood, the girl who is next to them, lives up to the desires and interests of those whose emissary ends with them. Children and boys are treated differently from their parents. Parents call the babysitter small, soft and inflexible, whereas the infant is called a child and is powerful. He speaks differently with his young child. If the mother-in-law has any personal information with her children, it is a serious matter in the mind of the conscientious objector, a collective approach is a group of beliefs, which are in the case of people and men, and often are incompatible. Boys and girls are given different set of items. Insomnia is given more information and with them, there are more restrictions. Boys are encouraged to get more courageous strengths and achievements. For parents and boys, both boys and girls are well-versed in the appropriate publicity or through social actions and punish them on different forms of their services. The partner encourages the widows, friends. Parents consider the burdensome to be helpless. Therefore, they have no expenditure in education, health and development. It is the duty of the local government to act on the job of the local education and it has to be decided on its predecessor and the others. The effect of this phenomenon leads to the conviction of men that the things which are good. Understanding the role of the medium of instruction in the women’s secular congressional strategy can be decided by using the medium through various means of communication such as the television series, such as the Internet, on television, etc., a challenge can be eroded against the goodness of the people. It can be said in the past that the goodness is stigma against the end of the day. The development of gender equality is the center of development of human beings, through this phenomenon, it can be used to promote gender discrimination. The role of the teacher in secular persecution – The efforts of the teacher can provide an important role to prevent the country’s independence. They can consciously make efforts to wipe out the inequality in their classroom. It may be aware that inequality can lead to a fair understanding in the classroom, teaching methods, distribution of teaching methodology in the classroom. In view of the above mentioned things, one should try to increase the gender equality and the impartiality to any teacher in mind.

1. The teachers of the family should be treated as teachers in the form of equal authority from the boys and girls of the school.

2 • Keep an eye on the lives of your children, so that you can save your child and your child’s prejudice from the full life.

3 • To avoid the use of forbidden things, use of fair language will be required and the students will be encouraged to use such in school.

4 • Boys and girls should avoid accumulating the money in the collective work and in the system of payment.

5 • To ensure the cleaning of women in the workplace and to work out the tasks related to the boys. For the purpose of editing each work, a team of faction can be prepared.

6 • Teachers should expect the same from boys and girls. Do not expect boys and girls to work more smoothly than normal labor.

7. Do not let the school not only allow the boys to have such a higher education, education is for everyone. There should be no any discrimination on the basis of gender.

NIOS DLED Assignment 506


Q1. What are thinking skills? Discuss the role of a family, school and teacher in developing thinking skills in a child.

Ans- The contemplation team has man-made processes which we have used to get an idea of an extract. It gives an ability to human beings to think about how to achieve specific objectives. This process involves the process of remembering, memories, asking questions, making plans, drawing, visualizing, solving problems, taking decisions, changing words into imagination etc. Thinking is a practical ability to think. These are the habits of intelligent people, which is learned through practice. For example, by practice, a child can be good at speaking or asking questions in the classroom. Many researchers have tried to identify important personnel in human rights and most of them are part of the family. Knowledge, research is the thinking skills of the governing body, which is an analysis synthesis and evaluation of high-thinking skills.

The role of a family, school, and teacher in developing thinking skills in a child are as follows:-

Family – Family is the most important factor that can help a child to develop his thinking skill. Whatever a child is learning, he should visualize it. The power of visualization give rise to the development of thinking skill. Here family plays a major role, parents should see what a child is learning and should give him some task related to his study in which the child uses his thinking skill to solve the given task. Repetition of this action for a long period of time will soon develop a good thinking skill in a child. A child with a good thinking skill will be able to deal with any problem in his life. It not only improve his educational life but it also helps a lot to improve this professional life too.

School – A School is a place where the future of a child is made. A mind of a child in school is like a clay which is needed to be given a proper shape. School is a place where a child learns new ideas and thoughts. The maximum time a child spends is in school. School is like a second home for the children. In school teachers should not only teach books and chapters. A better understanding of any subject is only possible when a child will think about it and visualize, so school should focus on the development of the thinking skill of children. School should conduct separate periods in which the children should be taught to think and visualize on the topics which they are taught in the classroom. This will help to develop thinking skill and the subjects and topics which children are taught will be in their mind for a long period of time.

Teacher – Teacher is like a god for a child. It depends on a teacher how he shapes a child. Teacher plays a major role in the development of a thinking skill in a child. Only teaching a child is not enough, whatever a child is been taught how much a child is understanding is the main thing. Thinking skill can be best developed in between the teaching period. When a teacher teaches a topic then after completing the topic he should give some work to the child, that work should be based on imagination. This will make the child to thing on that topic and this give rise to the development of thinking skill.

Q2. Explain which strategies you will adopt for developing creativity and why? How will you assess the creativity?

Ans- Creativity is a much-coveted quality. Everyone wants to be creative. The aim of education is to make children to develop into highly creative persons.

Creativity is latent and dormant in every individual. It can be activated by putting strain on individual minds and giving them a challenging environment. For example, if a student’s creativity in speaking skills or elocutions is to be developed, he/she needs to be given an environment in which he/she gets plenty of stimulating environment to develop his/her speaking skills.

A teacher can do that by organizing debates, declamations, etc. in the class and holding the activity in true spirit. Such activities will put a positive strain on the minds of children and they will make efforts to develop their creativity in various fields. Similar activities should be held in other target areas also.

How To Assess Creativity

Creativity can easily be assessed by organizing intra-class, inter-class, or inter-house competitions. The performance of the students should be recorded and their performances should be given grades and marks/scores objectively. The winners should be duly rewarded and the students needing improvement should be motivated and retrained.

Motivation is a bigger factor in the development of creativity in a student. Many times due to lack of motivation students do not do well. Every student is creative in their own field of interest. A teacher should identify the interest and creativity of student and should help and motivate him to develop his creativity.

NIOS DLED Assignment 506


Observe a school and prepare a detail report on various factors for exclusion on prominent groups of children who are at risk for exclusion from education system. Write suggestive measures for inclusion of these groups.

It is noted that the school is located in a middle town in the marginal area of the city, and the name of the school is known as the new primary school. After enrolling in the school, there was a list of some of the children who were afraid of being victimized by the test tube. Let us first put in the main group of children who come to the special needs of the children. Children who are required are classified in the following categories.

1- Cognitive impairment- This term is used when there is certain limitations in communicating a person’s human activities or communicating with the people, giving self-determination and social skills. These limits will be very difficult for such children in a child than a distant child – it will be considered to be thoughtful and deceptive. Children with an honorable mood take more time to speak, and to take care of their loved ones – wear, sleep). They have a connection with the school. They will know but they take longer time. Maybe they can catch some things. A human obstructed child is one in which there is less general intellectual capacity than average and intellectual development is of Vima. The limit of diligence may be lesser than the limit. It comes already in the developmental period of time. ). Reason – There are some significant and known causes of cognitive impairment:

A. Summit and feline (for X-rubea, asphyxa lymph nodes, for Menonitis)
B. Shock and physical sickness (X. The accident, during or after the marriage)
C. Metabolism and exposure (Exphenly Ketoncuria). Gross mammal (such as tumor) paternal system (for exhhdrodphalus, micro cephalus) f. Gursive inequality (such as downward movement).
D. Cognitive impairment of psychoanalysis (which has been given as a work only in the form of a work) is provided – to understand the problems of social problems, gender issues, problem solving problems, family planning in problem solving. What are the pains that can be produced and the problems of expressing the written or oral meanings can be.

2. Shining and apprehension impairment – There is a possibility of any action to be made in the form of a child, but the fact of the matter is that the very inability to participate in the official language through the ear is inappropriate. There are many disrupted children who can not use their circle for the year. People with minimal disabilities are said to be highly heard. Generally, a person is considered as a person when the condition of the person is heard from 90 percent (5 to 10 times higher than expected normalcy) and expanded results can not be understood. Can be a closed-ended correspondent or operator. In the event of a narrowing of the central nerve system, there is a reduction in the number of related sites within the central nervous system that starts from the central and narrow nerves and covers the labor cell and the primary blood vessel (it describes the interpretation of the circle). Operator is a loss of external or middle ear infections, which can be reached by reaching the trunk to the head. Reason – The main reasons for impotence are – Initial, accident and insurance. About 50% of the cases in the case of girl child are an integral part, which is a convergent act of commitment. Environmental sickness (accident, insurance, auto-toxic diaries etc.) In many cases, it is beneficial for the child. A pregnant mother may be transmitted to an infected rubella or another virgin child. Equal risk from the process of insurance (that is, the oxygen supplement can apply to the other person. The insurer or consent) can be the role of a partner in older children. Exposure to high quality can be the primary and coordinated work of high-quality sensitivity, technological correction. The same phenomenon can insulate the tumor explosive artery or ear infections. Factors that are affected due to discrimination – A long-delayed child (mainly confined to poisonous poverty), wants to spend time in politics as a communal party and to spend time in the education of the person who is begging them and social Helps in designing the cells.

3. Liberalization of speech (language restriction) – The expansion of the language constraints can be caused by the problems or problems faced by the person, who are absent from time to time, lack of sleeping, stuttering. Education can be related to business, sexual behavior, severe disability and mental injury. There can be constraints in understanding the children of the education policies and expressing their views. Reason – Responsible Education – The majority of people – can pray well for human beings, social obstacles and personal development. In the cut-throat palate palate, mouth and ocean, there is a function of accumulation of the words in the language. The speech is the cultural and psychological purpose of the people. In the case of non-observable non-observable behaviors, there is an increasing number of synchronization in general mobility and general forethought development, inability. The work of education is imparted to the people of education – specially from the development of speech, there is a neoclassical social system in older children. Children who are accustomed to education can be targets of their development. Dabangai can be reduced in self-equality. In the subsequent years, a general population is less compliant than the normal number because they are more compelled to follow their age.

4. Defective impairment – Visually impaired for children looking for children, children can give it to the function. But not the sky, children who are not fully aware of the light, are visually impaired. Although for general discussion, it is good to think about this population that they are presented to two big groups – they are less visible and they are known in a statutory manner. A child is said to be legally or when he has a visible capacity (intensity of vision) 20200 or after the suggestion that he is bullied or when his vision area is less than 20 DD, after good advice after the change Well, it is possible to be in good condition (in less than 20 minutes) in the least visible problems after the surgery) – the fineness of the vision, the flexibility, the pain, the vision, the excessive nourishment or misunderstanding , Vision to be distorted, the front of the eyelids, Deficiencies, lack of visual area, lack of sight, without meticulous vision, light or brightness, unusual abnormalities, and female ancestry. Reason – The main reason for visual impairment is the reduction of vitamin B deficiency due to some abnormalities during the visit. In the incubation, the operation of the oxygen of high-strength oxygen, which is given for the treatment of immunization of immunosuppression, may be the result of demerit decay. Monetrial – usually occurs in high age. Such a condition is treated by the appropriate medical practitioner. Due to high pressure in the condition of glaucoma and the loss of the condition. Factors that are affected due to visible constraints – those visually impaired are from them, they are from a legalistic demonstration and other visible corporation (eg, a warning). There are problems in using additional controls, but it was sticky. The actual process is clear on the point of view (eg – where both hands and equations are expected, such as a computer system), the written process and other documents can be ineffective and there may be activities in operation (such as – judicial, They have been able to divide between the pairs of definite groups, this problem is not usually the case here. The information given is given in pairs. The pair of relatively simple ones has been selected, whose page is displayed.

5. Dangerous motivation – children born with a slow prejudice are one of the categories of children with special rivals. And unity: There are members of society like others. Such children and common children do not have too much intelligence in their psychological make-up. They have access to their own nonprofit and inclusion. Earlier, he used to give sympathy, but due to social hegemony, there has been a paradigm shift in the general mindset to differently competent people. A speedy obstetricity is a condition of life, that the child is aware of normal progress in school as the average children are. For controlling the different abilities or to get them, they are desirous of special attention and skills.

The reason – the economy – the economy is defined in the form of a donation, which often reduces the speed of mathematics and produces commissions. Gadiya is a naturally occurring body. The ozone and oxidants are the insurers of a small group. Pramodynamic paralysis (CP) – Progamystem paralysis has been defined as the deficiency of the areas of labor, complete with the maturation of the labor. The majority of CP is done before or after the case of religion. CP is a form of injury, not an insurer (although it can be generated from an insurance company) and does not happen over time. is . This is not a substitute. Injury – Meningitis can have paralysis infections. The paralysis expands the significance of euphemism and the decision of the people of the country is determined by the high or low level of the spine, and the rate of fault is determined. Acne injury (Pramodynamic injury) – The term ‘injury of injury’ is used to diagnose the detailed configuration of injuries, including impairment of injury, miscarriage injury, lacerated injury, menstrual bleeding, rupture of the nipple, Bullet). Anoxox and later additions are available. Trauma (progestanage stroke) –
There are three main types of trauma –

Yumbophas (low quality),
Hemi (musculoskeletal stimuli, high intake of high-volume) and
Immobilism (a major breakdown and refusal of a woman).

Loss of ankle or ankle (amputation or dementia) – This can be the cause of the trauma (eg bleeding, bleeding in the skin, severing) or art of infection (canes, external ligaments, diabetics). Cooking Insurance – This is a primary insurance company with a focus on – one of the persistent perspectives, a poor operating inspection and unique work loss. This is not a real paralysis. Multiple sclosures – Multiple sclerophytes are defined as a primary insurer of the central mechanical system, whose focus is – the disintegration of the disinfectant material in the fibroblasts Manipathy malnutrition. Monopial malnutrition is a group of epileptic diseases. Whose work includes the use of hand-held monopoly committees, loss of monopoly control, contraction and walking in the hands of a woman, a surgeon, and force. Due to the problem of impaired obstetrics – the problems faced by the people with dementia are included in the problem – the control of the manipulation, staff and fatigue, walking talk, speaking, understanding or catching (the duty of dada or comrade) Patience (walking and walking) to take care of the ladies and children in the process of reaching out to women in ancient times. People suffering from spinal cord may be unable to use their organs. The turning point for people with the many physical organs of many functions can be difficult or unbelievable. (Cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, organizations, multiple scalios, cerebral malnutrition etc).

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